Welcome to Honde ground screw factory!

Production Process and Equipment

1. Welded Pipe

    The welded pipe is prototype of ground screw and the material is   Q235/Q345 carbon steel. And Q235/Q345 means the material yield strength is 235MPa/345MPa.

Welded Pipe

2. Cutting

     The length of welded pipe is 6 meters and the welded pipe need to be cut by sawing machine when customer order kinds of ground screw.

Sawing Machine

3. High Frequency Heating

     Putting ground screw to high frequency heating machine and make ground screw be soft so that ground screw can be shaping.

High Frequency Heating Machine

4. Shrink Pipe

     Using shrinkage machine to change the shape and diameter of ground screw.

Shrinkage Machine

5. Punching

     Using punching machine to do a hole for ground screw.

Punching Machine

6. Welding Spiral Points

     Putting ground screw which is be punched to automatic welding machine and the spiral blade will be welded by automatic welding machine.

Automatic Welding Machine

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