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  Ground Screw are Exported to Thailand

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This week, we will export one 40’ container of ground screws with round flange(Ground Screw F ) to our Thailand’s customer.

Ground screw we exported this time is without hot dipped galvanized and so the surface of ground screw look like black pipe.

One 40’ container holds 1824pieces kinds of ground screws and the type of ground screw is ground screw F. Ground screw F is one important and popular type for most of customers in Europe and America.It is incredible that ground screw with round flange(ground screw F) is very popular with Thailands customer and we have exported to there for several containers.

GROUND SCREW without hot dipped galvanized with round flange(ground screw F)

F76x1200x3x220x8mm               968pieces

F76x1600x3x220x8mm               264pieces

F140x3000x3.75x250x12mm       300pieces

F180x3000x4x300x14mm            200pieces

F219x3000x5.85x420x16mm        76pieces

F355x4000x6x520x520x20mm      16pieces

In addition, we have only one agent company in Thailand and only export our ground screw to them, so if you want to know more about ground screw, we will recommend you to our agent company and they will quote you the affordable price.

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