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  Technology of Ground Screw

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The history of the use of ground screw can be traced back to the 1830s, the earliest as a kind of field anchor system used in the England region of a lighthouse built in the tidal area. 

Since the 1940s, ground screw has been flourishing. After the 1880s, ground screw in the United States, Australia and Europe and other countries are widely used, can be satisfied with compression, anti-pull and anti-level and other engineering needs.

The material of ground screw is cartoon steel Q235/Q345, and the use of special equipment screw into the ground, instead of concrete independent foundation and bar foundation, pile top load.

Ground screw has been widely used in power tower, signal signage, house foundation, street lighting and so on, and gradually applied to billboards, temporary venue, warehouse, school, and other independent construction, municipal equipment, transportation equipment and other areas.

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