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  What are ground screws and how do they work?

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    Ground screws are a type of piling that can be drilled into the ground to establish a deep foundation. They have a spiral design with one end connecting to a power input. Ground screws are intended to be a convenient way to quickly set up an underground pile. The design of the screw penetrates the ground while compacting the soil around it with minimal vibration or disruption. Honde ground screws are manufactured to be stronger than traditional pilings. This allows them to bear more weight and withstand resistance and pressure.

Ground screws are reusable. They can easily be moved between locations without the headache of pouring concrete or digging. This saves time, money, and frustration, while being environmentally friendly and efficient in establishing foundations.

Honde ground screws are an innovative solution to your construction needs. Our quality product is enabling industries around the world to expand because of its endless applications. Whether you are a homeowner or a professional contractor, there likely are ways you could use ground screws. A few ways they can be used about your property include setting up umbrellas, mailboxes, sporting nets, flag poles, or fences.

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