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  Ground screw domestic industry development

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    China's domestic production of ground screw products are gathered in the vicinity of Shandong and Hebei, Zhejiang, there are a handful of factories in production, the scale of production and the number of manufacturers, to a maximum of two provinces of Shandong and Hebei pile manufacturing plant number, production can account for about to 80% of the domestic production of the metal pile high degree of industrial agglomeration, size is also great.
    On the current industry into difficulty speaking, due to less demanding post production technology, high barriers to entry are not, in general, as long as a metal processing companies want to enter the industry, should soon be able to enter the industry. Of course, a production company for many years to pile their manufacturing experience of accumulation, technological improvements and accumulation, is a new entrant companies do not. The Hebei Honde ground screw factory, not only is the industry's old factory, or a continuous growth and development of advancing ground screw factory.

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